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Form for collecting data of respondents to online surveys in Arabic Language.


Read and Understood


Benefits of being an empanelled member with Arabic Respondents Panel; is that you receive unparalleled benefits and privileges while you earn incentive points in exchange  for the opinion you share while taking the online surveys with us. 

  1. You get additional incentive points every time another member joins the panel by your reference.
  2. You get the first opportunity to take the Online Survey; as it opens to the members; prior to the non-members.
  3. The incentives that you earn every time are compoundable and you have the option of either accumulating it or any-time redemption.
  4. You can access 24x7 passbook statement having credits, debits and balances mentioned therein for the activities / transactions.
  5. You have the voice to suggest, advice and recommend vis-a-vis survey administration by Arabic Respondents Panel.

Terms & Conditions*

Read, Agree and Accept


It is expected from you that following discipline would be stringently complied with from your end.

  1. NOT Empanel own self more than once - even by shielding the identity.
  2. NOT Adopt fraudulent practices to win incentive points in own favor.

Its important for you to understand that;

You will not get Survey points due to your responses failing the quality parameters. Mostly it's due to the respondent not responding to the Survey questions sincerely and seriously - at times even without reading it. Further reasons could either be one of the following or combination of more than one of the following:

Please avoid falling in any of the following categories:

CRITICAL INDUSTRY : At the question asking what industry do you work, if you choose other specify and write something that is identical / similar to an industry that’s critical wart the Survey at hand that will make it terminate.

SHORT CASES : Completed the interview in disproportionately less duration of time than the expected duration as per the real time field conditions.

BAD CASES : Answered / Responded don’t know or not applicable to too many questions.

 FLAT CASES : Answered the same response across a series of attributes that normally elicit varying responses Examples include responding to both the questions:strongly agree ; be it Microsoft products often make me angry or frustrated. and be . Microsoft products are easy to use.

BAD VERBATIM : Nonsense answers, for example faggot. , "radar -casaba"..  Responses that include expletives.  Responses that do not have anything to do with the subject matter in the question.  For example responding “Chevrolet” to the asked question :: “What other operating systems can you think of?” OR "Bread Packrat" to "which hotel you stayed in?" .

 UNFAMILIARITY : Respondent says they have never heard of an operating system, but later in the questionnaire they say they are currently using the same operating system .

While redeeming your Incentive Points into cash or gift you shall

  1. NOT redeem for the Surveys which are still online at the time of redemption.
  2. ENSURE that the Referral Points being redeemed are subject to your referred friend having taken and completed at least TWO online Surveys and earned points for it.

By clicking on - Continue - you are consenting to abide by the rules and norms set for this web site users.

Any violation shall make you liable for penal action as deemed appropriate by Arabic Respondents Panel management with or without notice / warning.

Privacy Policy*

Read and Understood


Arabic Respondents Panel is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to its website and users of its services. We take privacy issues seriously and we invite you to review the following privacy statement created for users of www.arabicsurveys.com.

Collecting Personal Information

When you visit the arabicsurveys.com website, you may do so anonymously, without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information. Personal information such as your name, address and email address is obtained only when you provide it, for example, when you correspond to our invitation / solicitation, requisition our services, empanel / respond to user surveys, and register for Arabic Respondents Panel materials, programs, events or white papers.

Using Personal Information

ARP uses personal information to record online service requests on our own records and to provide for the requisitioned services. We may also use the information you supply to: make arabicsurveys.com easier for you to use by not having to enter information more than once, help us customize content most relevant to you, notify you about important news concerning Arabic Respondents Panel (including new offers and services, service updates and technical support issues), and special offers we think might interest you. To maintain and administer arabicsurveys.com, we track site usage through Web server logs. Our Web server logs record information such as what types of browsers are accessing our site, which pages receive high traffic, and the times of day our servers experience significant load. This information is used solely to improve the content and navigation features of our site. It is not used to personally identify you. The personal information you provide to ARP also allows us to determine if you are an authorized user of one or more of our services, for which you or your organization has paid a fee.

Sharing Personal Information

Protecting your personal information is important. Arabic Respondents Panel will not sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information to others.

Usage Tracking

We may track usage information within our products based upon the number of Industry Profiles and/or types of Industry Profiles or other ARP services that are accessed by an individual User. We do this to monitor authorized usage of our services and to improve the design and functionality of our services.


A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a Web server to store in a Web browser so that it can later be read back from that browser. ARP uses cookies only to store personal preferences about website activity for your future visits. Cookies allow us to recognize you more quickly; therefore, your time spent on our site is more personalized and productive. We do not use cookies or similar technology to cross-relate personal information about our visitors. Moreover, most Web browsers allow you to control cookie usage, including whether or not you wish to accept them and how to remove them.


By using arabicsurveys.com and by signing up for Arabic Respondents Panel services; you consent to the collection and use of the previously mentioned information by ARP. This privacy policy is subject to change. To stay up-to-date with our policies, please check this page frequently. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time.


Should you have a concern about ARP collection or use of your personal information, please contact us at support@arabicsurveys.com

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Empanel and Join Us to Earn valued rewards for your opinion by participating actively in online surveys for easy money & incentives in cash or gifts of your choice & preference. Respondents get paid - each occasion USD 02 to USD 100 for completing 10~20 min. surveys online - for fun job, opinion sharing and expression of thoughts as members of Arabic Respondents Panel. You shall be able to respond to surveys upon validation of your identity - on clicking the validation link sent to your eMail ID upon submission of this form.

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